“I love living at Zoe Bayliss because it offers a great sense of community and a warm and welcome place to make friends.”

— Dana Eustis, Eugene, Oregon

“I really like Zoe Bayliss because it is very international student friendly. You can mingle with American students as well as other international students here. I made many new friends here. I never felt lonely or isolated living here. I got to know the American culture better and other cultures and it is really cool!”

— Yue Yang, Tianjin, China

“I love coming home from class to a great home-cooked meal. Our cook always takes requests so everyone’s tastes are satisfied.”

— Victoria Novak, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“What I like the most about Zoe Bayliss is that it is right here on campus and in the middle of everything! The Nick is only two blocks away and I don’t have any excuses not to take advantage of its excellent facility, even in the coldest winter days. I often go swimming and attend the yoga and Powerflow classes at the Nick. Free concerts, recitals, art shows, and movies (both U.S. and international) are taking place almost every day in the buildings surrounding ZB, like Vilas, Humanities, and Chazen Art Museum. The bus stop is just around the corner and almost every building on campus is within walking distance. I still remember once I needed a book from the library, I just put on my coat over my pajamas and headed for the library 10 minutes before it was closed!”
— Chen-chen Cheng, Taiwan