Rates and Contract


  1. Term of Room
    • First day: Monday August 26, 2019
    • Last day: Monday May 11, 2020
    • Excluded Days: Sunday December 22, 2019 – Sunday January 19, 2020 (Winter Break)


  2. Term of Board: Ten (10) meals* per week from the first day of classes through the last.
    This excludes:

    • Thanksgiving Recess
    • Winter Recess
    • Spring Recess
  3. Payments
    • Room Deposit: $400
    • Four payments shall be made on approximately Sept. 12, Nov. 12, Feb. 12 & April 12


Total rent due for a double room Fall/ Spring semesters: $4,792.00 = $599/month
Total rent due for a large single room Fall/ Spring semesters: $7,020.00 = $877.5/month
Total rent due for a small single room Fall/ Spring semesters: $5,906.00 = $738.25/month

The Cooperative reserves the right to adjust payment rates during the Room and Board Contract term on an equitable basis to meet any changes on operating costs; the adjustment is limited to seven percent (7%) of the room and board changes.

The Cooperative’s rates are based upon the assigned room at the end of the contract. Changes to the room and/or size of the room results in corresponding changes in rent.

* Meals (as specified in Term of Board above), utilities, cable and Internet are included in the rent.