Policies and Outcomes


Policies for the house are outlined on the website, the housing handbook, and the housing contract. These are subject to change based on house recommendations, problems, etc but notice and acceptance will be required in the form of a vote at a house meeting. Should a resident be absent for a house meeting, written copies of minutes are available through email. Questions, comments, and concerns about these policies can be taken to any member of the board.

The bylaws are attached below.



For work duty, meal duty, house duty and other duty or house responsibility outcome please see the section on Duties. Other Behaviors prohibited at the Zoe Bayliss House include but are not limited to:

  • Possession, use, or intent to deliver narcotics or dangerous drugs, including marijuana.
  • Setting fires, shooting off firecrackers and/or fireworks.
  • Interfering with the security system such as, but not limited to: tampering with locks, tampering with fire equipment such as, but not limited to: alarms, extinguishers, sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, altering or duplicating Zoe Bayliss keys
  • Possessing and/or using firearms (guns, including pellet and BB guns), bows and arrows, and any other dangerous weapons.
  • Using pepper spray/mace inappropriately.
  • Theft (removing personal property belonging to your roommate or another member of the community without his/her consent).
  • Harassing, Assaulting/Battering another person.

Violations will be reported to the officers and a meeting of the Judicial Committee will take place to evaluate the incident and discuss further action to be taken.

All matters of police will be handled first with the police and then within the house.