Kitchen Privileges

Feel free to use the kitchen and its equipment when you like, making certain you clean up after yourself (always wash out any pots and pans, wipe down counters, etc.) and that you are not interfering with the cook’s work. Food on the dining room counter, and leftovers in the main refrigerator are always available to you. Remember to sign up for any food your guests eat!

There are two extra refrigerators in the dining room in which you may keep your personal food. Every item in these refrigerators must have a name and date or it will be thrown out during the weekly clean up. The food in these refrigerators belongs only to the resident whose name appears on it. Do not eat food that isn’t yours! No house dishes or grocery bags are allowed in the extra refrigerators because they take up space and dishes for everyone to use.

Shelves are also available in the dining room for storing non-perishable items. Every resident has a crate labeled with her name and room number on the shelves for storage. These dry-storage items belong only to the person whose name is on the crate. Do not store anything on the floor or in grocery bags…both are problems that the exterminator said we should avoid, and having critters in the kitchen is something we don’t want!