Assignment Procedures

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Your contract with the Zoe Bayliss is a legally binding agreement. The terms of the contract are provided to on the contract and in this document.

All residents sign a contract for the full academic year if they move in at the beginning of the fall semester. Those residents who move in after the beginning of the fall semester or at the beginning of spring semester sign a contract that runs through the remainder of the academic year.

Residents who leave Zoe are responsible for finding a renter to take their place.

Room Assignment

We assign rooms on a first-come first-serve basis. That is, your first choice room preference is more likely to be fulfilled if you turn in your contract early.

Sometime during the summer, our Vice President reads over the contracts and matches residents to rooms. Doubles are assigned according to a survey the Vice President sends out; students with similar responses are matched to each other.

We accommodate roommate requests if both roommates request it.

Room Change

Residents wishing to swap rooms with another resident in the same hall should talk to the Vice President with their intention to swap. The Vice President and parties involved will discuss a swap and work out details.

If a resident leaves and another resident wishes to assume a single room in that vacant room, arrangements will be worked out with the Vice-President, President and Business Manager. All rooms must be filled so if an upgrade occurs then someone must still find a replacement for the vacancy.

If a resident wishes to change room types in the middle of the year, she should speak with the Vice President. We will do our utmost to fulfill the resident’s wishes.

Checkout Procedure

You will be required to clean out your room and perform one spring cleaning duty in one of the common areas before you leave in May. Failure to do so will result in a fine.

Winter Recess

Residents may stay at Zoe during winter break. The locks are changed which requires new keys to be issued and returned at the end of the winter break. There is a small fee to cover the cost of the key.