Housing Services

Laundry Room

The laundry room has two washers and two dryers. Laundry detergent and dryer sheets are not provided. There is space in the laundry room to store these items. The washers and the dryers are free! They are used on a first come first serve basis. Please sign up on the white board when you put a load in so you can be found if necessary. If we are all considerate of others, we should have no problem sharing the laundry room. Please do not put other people’s clothes in the dryers, and please do not do laundry for people that do not live in Zoe. Be respectful and do not take others’ clothing from the laundry room as well. Don’t forget: the lint trap must be emptied after each load!


Mail is collected on the sofa near the front door until the house secretary sorts it. Mailboxes are in the first floor closet between the industrial staircase and dining room staircase

Your mailing address is:

Your Name
636 Langdon St # (your room number)
Madison, WI 53703


If there is anything that needs to be repaired or replaced throughout the year, let an officer know. 

Make sure to let the President know as well if the problem has been fixed so that the same issue doesn’t get reported multiple times.


Zoe Bayliss does not have parking spaces available to rent.

However, there is street parking available through the city of Madison. You can take a copy of your lease to the municipal building, pay $25, and then you will be able to park in any of the two hour street parking places in our zone (the box enclosed by Park, Randall, Johnson, and Regent) for up to 48 hours. For more information please see https://www.cityofmadison.com/parking-utility/permits/residential-parking-permits.

There are also parking garages close by.


High-speed wifi Internet is provided throughout the building.