Expectations A to Z

All Zoe Bayliss policies that students are expected to comply with were created to maintain safe and healthy environments for all residents and guests of the cooperative. Expectations are that all residents will respect the rights of others by complying with the handbook policies and the contract. In addition to the duties and responsibilities it is expected that residents will pay rent on a timely basis. Rent deadlines and fines for late payment are outlined under the Rates section.

Altering Substances

All illegal drugs are prohibited from the house.


All ZB bathrooms are all-gender bathrooms. The bathrooms on the first, second, third, and fourth rooms include showers.


Bicycles are welcome but are limited to being in storage at Zoe in the bike room or outside on the back rack. Bicycles are to be registered with the City of Madison and it is recommended that they remain safeguarded.


Residents are responsible for their own room and expectations are outlined in the Duties section.

Common Space Areas

Common Space Areas are: kitchen, study lounge, living room, dining room, Hallways, lobbies and all other CSAs cannot be used for storage of belongings. This includes study materials.

Overnight storage of study materials or supplies in the common space areas is prohibited.

Common Space Areas are not to be used for sleeping.

Common Space Areas are not to be shut-off or closed for general resident use. (IE If guests are hanging out with a resident in a Common Space Area then residents are allowed to share in use of the space).

  • Study Lounge
    • The study lounge is a quiet place to study. Please be courteous to those trying to be studious in the study lounge.
  • Living Room
    • Our living room is full of comfy sofas and areas for group work and movie watching


Residents may not drill holes in or dissemble non-modular furniture.

Modular furniture must be returned to its original arrangement at the end of the year.

Furniture not in use may be placed in storage but must be returned to the room at the end of the year.

Guests/Visitors And Roommates

A Guest/Visitor is defined as: any person who does not live at Zoe present in the building for whom the resident is responsible for during their stay.

Guests are allowed in the building but they need to be escorted at all times and let in by a resident. Before allowing someone to be in the building please ask them who they are looking for and escort them to her. We want to be safe, so if you have any suspicions about the visitor, you have the right to refuse to let him or her in.

Zoe has no “visiting hours” or curfews – you are on your own! But remember to consider other house members and especially your roommate when entertaining visitors. Please also remember our unofficial quiet hours beginning around midnight.

  • General Guest Policies
    • You are responsible for, and will be held accountable for the behavior of your guests and visitors. Guests must be accompanied in the building at all times.
    • Overnight guests are allowed in single rooms, double rooms with permission of roommates, and in the guest room.
    • There is one guest room available to residents. The Judicial Chair is responsible for managing guest room sign up. Each resident is allowed to use the guest room; the first 3 nights are free, and the rest cost $20 per night. Please be respectful of other residents wanting to use the guest room.
    • Guests are not allowed to stay more than 5 days at a time during the school year.
    • Guests and visitors may not be in possession of resident room keys.
  • Guest At Meal Times
    • Your guests are also welcome to have a meal, and the prices will be posted in the kitchen.
    • There is a list for residents to mark when they have guests over for meals.
  • Roommate GuidelinesThese are guidelines and issues and questions to discuss with your roommate.
    • Are there specific nights that either you or your roommate do not want overnight guests? For example you might not want guests on a certain day because you have an exam the next day.
    • Are there general nights of the week that either you or your roommate do not want overnight guests? For example, you might not want guest on Sunday nights because you need to get up early on Mondays.
    • Are there specific individuals whom either you or your roommate feel uncomfortable having as a visitor in the room?
    • Are there personal items of yours that you do not want visitors using? For example, you might not care if your roommate uses your computer but is it okay for your roommate’s visitor to use it?
    • How far in advance should you discuss the arrival of potential guests? For example, is it okay to decide the same day that an overnight guest is coming? What if a guest just shows up in Madison and wants to stay over?
    • Are there specific behaviors that are off limits in your room?
    • These are guidelines, issues and questions to discuss with your roommate.


Harassing behavior, regardless of the method of harassment (written, verbal, oral, via e-mail, online postings, etc) is prohibited in residence halls. Behavior which demeans, intimidates, or threatens individuals based on age, ability, appearance, ethnicity, gender, group affiliation, HIV status, personal values, race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, and size are not tolerated and will result in discipline up to, and including, dismissal.

Hazardous Materials

Turpentine, dry cleaning fluid, lighter fluid, gasoline, and other highly flammable chemicals and dangerous chemicals such as, but not limited to: nitrous oxide and liquid nitrogen, are prohibited in rooms.


Keys are to be in the possession and used by residents of the Zoe Bayliss Co-op only.

Keys may not be duplicated or altered.

Lost keys will result in a $50 replacement fee.

Motor Vehicles and Mopeds

Motor vehicles including mopeds are not permitted on the sidewalks or walkways around Zoe.


Regardless of the time of day, it is your responsibility to ensure that noise from you, your room, and your guests/visitors does not disturb or bother any other member of the cooperative.

Please be considerate to your neighbors when they need some quiet time.

  • Quiet Hours
    • General quiet hours are Sunday through Thursday 11:00pm-7:00am and Friday and Saturday 12:00am- 7:00am.
    • During finals week we will have 24-hour quiet hours.


ESAs and Service Animals are welcome provided you have documentation for them.


All residents are required to recycle and are responsible for recycling appropriate materials.

Items to be recycled include: glass, aluminum cans, plastic bottles numbered 1 & 2, newspaper, corrugated cardboard, office paper and tin cans. Recycling bins are located outside the dining room and in all bathrooms.


Removal of housing-owned furniture from the building is prohibited and will be treated as theft.

Tampering with washing machines is prohibited.

Taking food without recording it for guests is considered stealing.

Removal of food from resident fridges that are not yours is concerned stealing.

Removal of personal property from another’s possession is theft.


You may not damage, deface and/or destroy property belonging to the house or another resident either deliberately or through negligence on your part and are expected to pay for any damage.


Throwing or dropping objects out of the windows or down stairwells is prohibited.

Removal of windows and screens is prohibited.

Hanging items such as birdfeeders outside your window is prohibited.

Climbing out of a window onto the roof or window ledge is prohibited.