Work Duty

All residents are responsible for one work duty per week during the academic year. Work duties are to take one hour or less.

The duties are checked every day by the Work Duty Coordinator, and fines are assessed for incomplete and missed duties. Duties should be completed by midnight. Duties can be swapped with another resident if the Work Duty Coordinator is notified. The first missed duty results in a $10 fine, and this is increased by $10 for each additional missed duty during that semester.

Meal Duty

All residents are responsible for one meal duty per week during the academic year. Meal duties last for one hour. The duties are checked by the Meal Duty Coordinator. Duties can be swapped with another resident if the Meal Duty Coordinator is notified. Every missed duty results in a $10 fine.

Night Patrol

Night Patrol is a rotating duty that residents complete once every three weeks or so. Two Residents will check over the house for the purpose of readying the house for the night. If a resident is unable to do night patrol on their scheduled night, they may trade nights with another resident as long as the Judiciary Chair is notified. Failure to complete midnight patrol is a $10 fine.

House Meetings

House meetings are held on the first Sunday of every month at 7pm. The president reserves the right to adjust this slightly. Residents are required to attend, but are allowed one excused absence (as long as you inform the president ahead of time in non-emergent situations). Attendance will be taken and missed meetings will result in a $20 fine (increased by $5 for each additional meeting  missed). If a resident misses a meeting, they are required to read the meeting minutes/notes, write a short summary of the notes, and send the summary to the president.

House Duty

House duties are any duty that benefits the house in some way. Some examples include posting fliers for the house, cleaning up the outside area around the house, sorting mail, etc. Each resident does one house duty per year. You will be fined if you do not complete a house duty.

Spring Cleaning

Before the end of the school year, each resident will sign up for one spring-cleaning duty. Spring cleaning duties must be checked off by two officers or they will be considered incomplete. There is a $100 fine for not completing your spring-cleaning duty.


During the winter season, shoveling duty will circulate through the house. It is the responsibility of every resident on their assigned day to shovel and salt the walkways for the entire day, in both the morning and in the evening as necessary.