Work Duty

All residents are responsible for one work duty per week. Work duties usually take about an hour (or less) to complete. Examples are: mopping the dining room floor, cleaning a bathroom, or restocking cleaning closets. There are also biweekly duties performed once every two weeks along with your regular duty. The work coordinator assigns new duties every month based upon your preferences given each month.

The duties are checked every day by the work coordinator or kitchen coordinator, and fines are assessed for incomplete and missed duties. Duties should be completed by midnight unless otherwise specified as in the case of the kitchen and dining room floors. Remember, you can always swap duties with another resident if you have a problem getting your duty done. The first missed duty is a $10 fine, and this is increased by $5 for each additional missed duty.

Meal Duty

All residents are responsible for one kitchen duty per week. Kitchen duties last for one hour, and do not change all semester. The duty may include: putting food out, saving meals, storing leftovers and cleaning up etc. Specifics about the duties will be posted in the kitchen. Remember to wear shoes (no sandals) and a hat when you are on duty (wearing your hair in a pony tail is not enough!). The first missed duty is a $10 fine, and this is increased by $5 for each additional missed duty for the rest of the semester.

Midnight Patrol

Midnight Patrol is a rotating duty that you will have once every three weeks or so. You and your roommate will be scheduled to check over the house. This will include closing windows, shutting blinds, turning off lights, unplugging appliances, and running last minute dishes through the sanitizer. If you are unable to do midnight patrol on your scheduled night, trade nights with someone who can and write the switch on the calendar! Failure to complete midnight patrol is a $10 fine ($5/per roommate).

House Meetings

House meetings will be held on the first Sunday of every month at 7pm (except for the September one which is normally held on the first Monday). The president reserves the right to adjust this slightly if need be as long as you are given ample notice. You can expect the September and May house meetings to last roughly 2 hours and all of the other ones approximately 1 hour. You are required to attend, but you are allowed one excused absence (as long as you inform the president ahead of time in non-emergent situations). Attendance will be taken and missed meetings will result in a $20 fine (this will be increased by $5 for each additional meeting you miss). If you do miss a meeting, you will be required to read the meeting minutes/notes and take a short quiz on them. If you do this, $10 will be taken off of your fine. If you refuse to do this, then $10 will be added to your fine.

House Duty

House duties can be any duty that will benefit the house in some way. Some examples include posting fliers for the house, cleaning up the outside area around the house, sorting mail, etc. Check with the vice president with your idea and report to her when you’ve completed your duty. Each resident will do one house duty for the year. There is a $25 fine for not doing a house duty.

Spring Cleaning

Before the end of the school year, each resident will have to sign up for one spring-cleaning duty. These are more detailed cleaning assignments than the weekly duties performed all year. We are renting the building from the University and it is inspected at the end of the year, so it is important for us to clean well. There is a $100 fine for not completing your spring-cleaning duty!

Every room must also be well cleaned at the end of the year. Cleaning may be split between roommates, but if you have a single room you must do all the cleaning yourself. It is a $100 fine for a dirty room which will be split if there are roommates.


During the winter season, shoveling duty will circulate in a randomly chosen order. It is the responsibility of every resident on her assigned day to shovel and salt the walkways for the entire day, in both the morning and in the evening, if needed. Persons with parking spots are responsible for shoveling out their own spots. Housing plows our driveway, but persons with parking spots are responsible for shoveling out their own spots.